First Come, First Served!!!

We've decided to offer a 10% discount to all new bookings who place their booking with us during April!! The work will take place during the month of May.

There's limnited space available, so this offer is on a first come, first served basis. The slots are available in the month of May 2022. We've also reduced the amount of deposit to pay.

All the Best and looking forward to hearing from you.
Howard & Steve

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Kitchen Respray Transformation

Have you got a kitchen that needs a refresh? At Creative Kitchen Resprays we specialise in professional kitchen respraying, servicing the whole of the Northwest and beyond.

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Creative Kitchen Resprays have the expertise and know-how to update and beautify your old kitchen. We have the passion to make your kitchen a place you'll love to be in. Our team are highly trained professionals and we use only the best quality paint to create a beautiful and lasting finish. If you are dreaming of a gorgeous new look for your kitchen, contact us today.

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