Instructing the Right people to respray your kitchen

Your kitchen is the most important and costliest room to transform in your home (often called the heart of the home) so if you’re looking at having it resprayed properly by professionals who know exactly what they’re doing, it's very important to GET THE RIGHT PEOPLE FOR THE JOB 1ST TIME.

A kitchen respray done properly is the most cost effective solution with an average saving of around:
a) 75% less against a new kitchen
b) 50% less than a replacement doors makeover (where they replace the doors & drawers and glue the other bits on)

So, when you’re making important monetary decisions about who to instruct to respray your home’s "beating heart" please don't just decide on cost alone, as done properly by professionals, IT'S ALREADY A BARGAIN!

In the world of kitchen respraying the cheapest quote definitely doesn't mean the best outcome! You might save a few hundred pounds at the start by instructing the "company" who quotes the cheapest, but this will almost certainly spell disaster and result in a substandard job being carried out.

However, if you get it right first time and make the right choice regarding who you instruct. Not pinching pennies and going with the cheapest BUT instead investing a bit more and getting the job done right first time, long term it will pay dividends and you'll not need to put yourself through the stress strain and extra expense of having to pay again, to have your kitchen put right and refinished properly. See the photo examples of what we are able to achieve they really do speak for themselves.

At Creative Kitchen Resprays we have time served sprayers working on your kitchen doors/drawers & fitted cabinetry with attention to detail bar none, so when you’re making that important decision, think to yourself… Do I go with a company with little or no experience (you should be able to spot them a mile off) IE car sprayers not furniture wood/laminate sprayers and the, we can turn our hands to anything (likely lads brigade).

Or, do you instruct for a bit more...

A bona fide company with a team of time served professionals on hand to make sure your kitchens done right, 1st time.

It's simply that simple!! Contact us today for your FREE no obligation quotation. Call us on 07905 811825 or use our online quotation request form here.


Beware of rogue resprayers!

In these Internet times, it's important to make sure that you know you are dealing with a reputable company for your kitchen respray. Please be aware, there are company's out there (usually one or at best two men working from a domestic garage,) who will take your money and leave you with a poorly prepared and badly resprayed kitchen. They usually won't have liability insurance whilst working in your home and offer no guarantee or aftercare service. Although their quote will appear too good to be true, the saying, pay cheap, pay twice, has never rung more true!

At Creative Kitchen Resprays, we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship. have a state of the art facility and use only the best materials, were fully insured and offer an ongoing guarantee regarding our craftsmanship. We'll even help, if by accident you damage the finish yourself, by putting it right to keep you smiling.

The photo's below show some doors that came in after they'd been in the hands of rogue resprayers and then the photos of them after being professionally refinished.

Please make sure when searching for quotes, it's not all about the cost. We recommend you research who it is you're dealing with and make sure you don't become a victim of a rogue resprayer. At Creative Kitchen Resprays we endeavour to be as competitively priced as we can, whilst maintaining our excellent standards and aftercare.

If you are interested in receiving a quote for a kitchen respray, with just a little information about your kitchen, we can provide a ballpark quote to give you some idea of cost. If happy with that, we can then arrange a home site survey, where we can discuss colours and finish and answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to use the contact form within the website to progress your enquiry.

Take a look at the pictures below, these are actual pictures of a job that had to be corrected.

The customer did not realise how bad the paint job was until it came to cleaning their doors and because they had not been cleaned prior to respray, and the paint had been sprayed straight over any contamination (fat/grease) and not sanded with zero base coat applied, this is why the paint has been rubbed off and with no prep or primer applied they've reacted, lost durability to cause chips and flaking.

The integrated fridge door (Pic 1 before) would have been resprayed while still attached this will have been because the Rogues didn't know how to, or couldn't be bothered to remove it, hence why it looks so scruffy and is not refinished properly on the back (same again, no cleaning/sanding/ or base coat).

Now take a look at the after pictures, when doors are resprayed correctly and professionally.

“Can You Respray My Damaged Vinyl Doors?”

At Creative Kitchen Resprays we are often faced with questions regarding the possibility of respraying damaged doors and carcasses.

The overwhelming public thought seems to be that it’s only worthwhile respraying quality wooden kitchens that cost a fortune when they were new. But what if your room is one of the many with MDF and vinyl coated cabinets and doors installed over the past few decades?

At Creative Kitchen Resprays we’d like to confirm that we can in fact “repair” these vinyl doors, and ensure your resprayed kitchen looks fresh, clean, and modern – as good as new, in fact.

Check out these before and after images of a damaged vinyl kitchen door.

How do we respray MDF/Vinyl doors?

Creative Kitchen Resprays perform kitchen respraying projects all over the UK. As such, we have access to equipment and technology that enables us to quickly and effectively strip damaged and discoloured vinyl from these doors, stripping them right back to the shaped MDF.

After we’ve stripped the damaged vinyl, we are able to respray the panels in the colour of your choice, creating a stunning, professional, lasting finish, which costs a fraction of the price of buying these doors new.

We have a huge range of colours available in to our customers, so we are able to create the kitchen of your dreams at a lower cost than starting from scratch. We can also take a scan of your existing vinyl covering for an exact colour match to the rest of your kitchen, if you want to keep the same colour of cabinet but simply repair the damaged doors.

On top of this, because we don’t actually remove anything but your kitchen cabinet doors, there is considerably less upheaval to daily life – ideal for busy households.

Looking for a quote on repairing and respraying damaged kitchen cabinets? Contact us for details.

Stunning Kitchen Renovation Saves Customer £4.5k

Take a look at this sensational kitchen, which doesn’t just look absolutely beautiful, it also saved the owner thousands of pounds on buying new.

They initially wanted a straightforward kitchen respray. However they mentioned not being happy with the style of the doors they had. We suggested replacing the doors with MDF ones in the style they wanted, which would be resprayed along with the existing carcasses to create a completely restyled, new look kitchen. This would replicate the new kitchen they had previously seen and fallen in love with, but which was much more expensive. The new doors are pictured below.

In addition to replacing the doors, they chose to include a peninsula unit incorporating a breakfast bar, as well as new work tops and tiling to create the overall look they wanted to achieve.

This is what they had to say:

“We had received a quotation from a mid-range company for a whole new kitchen but really couldn’t face the upheaval. As our original kitchen was a quality make, with wooden carcases, we decided to keep it and by coincidence we saw one of Howard's adverts in the local paper and gave him a call. We were going to have the original doors painted, but I really liked Shaker style doors, and saw some on sale in a local timber yard. Howard agreed he could paint the new doors once they were fitted and my dream kitchen was born.

The attention to detail given by Howard is second to none, he is almost obsessive about making sure everything is perfect and the end result is amazing. We are thrilled with the work, and even taking into account the cost of the new doors, worktops, pan drawers, tiling and peninsular, we have still saved £4,450 on the quote we had for a brand new kitchen, without the hassle. We have no hesitation in recommending Howard and his team.”

Mr & Mrs W, Bowdon, Cheshire

If you have ideas for your own kitchen renovation that you’d like to discuss, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Creative Kitchen Resprays.

Kitchen Respray In Astley, Tyldesley

Over the years we’ve worked on a number of projects, including this kitchen respray in Astley, Tyldesley.

This was completed for a lovely couple – Bev and Col – who wanted to breathe a new lease of life into their home by renovating their old kitchen.

Prior to the respray, the kitchen was a brown wood – a colour that was exceptionally popular about a decade ago but can make a room seem darker and smaller.

Bev and Col chose to respray in a white tone (colour-matched to Farrow & Ball’s New White), which along with the new worktop and tiling, makes the room considerably more modern looking. The end result is a sleek and stylish room that, we’re sure you’ll agree, you’d be happy to cook, eat and entertain in.

Take a look at the before and after pictures of this beautiful kitchen renovation in Astley.

Bev and Col left us some great feedback:

We had our kitchen re-sprayed, and we would just like to say how pleased we are with the finished result. Howard is a true perfectionist and totally professional. The whole job took just one week from start to finish & this included Stephen replacing the worktops and the tiling. Once again thanks very much lads for an amazing job!

Bev and Col, Manchester

If you’d like a quote on your kitchen respray – and trust us, it’s a fraction of the price of buying new – call us on 07905 811 825.

Could a Kitchen or Bedroom Respray Help You to Sell Your Home?

If you’re looking to sell your property to gain the maximum value from the sale, chances are you’ll want your home looking its best. “Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses” is the mantra we’ve heard time and time again from the likes of Kirsty Alsopp and Phil Spencer. They often advise spending cash on getting your property up to scratch before you go to market – but who wants to spend a tonne of cash updating something they’re never going to use?

Not many people, that’s who.

That’s why respraying your kitchen or built in bedroom furniture is a sensible idea for anyone whose home needs an update but who doesn’t want to shell out on a complete refurb. Here’s why…

Respraying a fitted kitchen adds value, which you can then recoup when you sell. It can also mean that you are not left vulnerable to having to except a low offer as a last resort if you need to sell your home. This is especially true if there are other similar properties in the area that look more modern internally than yours.

Houses up for sale with dated rooms can potentially languish on the market for months and months. Yet houses up for sale of similar size that have been updated with light and modern rooms are flying off the shelves for more money. Just take a look at Rightmove.

When potential buyers look at property websites and see houses with dark and dated kitchens, although they have good quality fitted kitchens and bedrooms that cost a fortune, the fact that they are so outdated can be very off-putting.

Buyers look at these images and see the additional cost of funding a replacement kitchen on top of the purchase price and fees of buying the property. And then, of course, there is the irritation of the disruption caused in the process. All this understandably will again put them off.

It’s much more attractive to potential purchasers if the work has already been done, so even if it’s not entirely to their taste it won't need replacing immediately.

At Creative Kitchen Resprays, we can give you an idea of cost quickly and simply over the phone. It’s easy, all you need to do is count up the number of doors and drawer fronts that there are and then phone us on 07905 811825 with this information.